Thursday, September 11, 2014

16 Month Update

Happy 16 months to our sweet buddy! I can't believe how big of a difference just a few months can make. It seems like Xander went from baby to toddler overnight. He decided that he needed to leave Minnesota with a bang so he took his first steps days before we left to California. Ever since then it seems like he is starting to surprise us with a new trick every week.

Some of the things Xander loves to do are:

  • give "high fives," hugs, and kisses
  • take Mama and Dada's keys and pretend like he is unlocking the front door and he LOVES to press the panic button over an over again (I'm sure our neighbors love us for that)
  • play with animals, especially dogs, anytime he hears a dog barking he yells "dah!" over and over again
  • read his books
  • cuddle with his gray blankie and his froggy stuffed animal
  • push his cars around the kitchen
  • unload every drawer, cupboard, cabinet, etc.
  • push all the buttons on the remote to the TV
  • watch his favorite movie, UP
  • dance to any and all music no matter what kind or where we are (yes, that includes church hymns)
Xander is also maintaining his male model figure by growing a few inches in the last few months but only gaining one pound. I'm constantly asking him what his secret is since his favorite foods are french fries and ice cream but his lips are sealed. Happy 16 months buddy! We love you!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1st Birthday Photo Shoot

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet Alexander's 1st birthday this last weekend! My talented and amazingly creative friend Vanessa took some great "one year old" photos of our buddy and despite his somewhat grumpy attitude, we were able to get some great shots! I posted a few of my favorites below.

He was a little apprehensive about the cake... he didn't like how the frosting wouldn't come off of his fingers. 
However, when he FINALLY tasted the frosting (it took about 2 or 3 minutes until he would even put it in his mouth) he loved it!

I love his blue eyes and pink lips in this one. And his bow tie. Okay really I just love everything about this.

It was a blast to capture some great memories of Xander. Go check out Vanessa's blog, she does it all! 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Ciao, Ciao Utah!

We were feeling spontaneous (and a little homesick) a few days ago so we decided to book a trip to Utah. Not only was it awesome to see family and friends but I forgot how many amazing, decently priced, restaurants are there! We basically ate out every meal. 

We were also lucky enough to be there for Blake's sister's 15th birthday and since it was so close to Xander's, she was kind enough to share the spotlight.

Xander also had a great time meeting some new buds. Its been so cold in Minnesota that he really hasn't spent much time outside. He had a blast crawling all around my friend Kelly's backyard. 

(L to R: James, Thea, Benson, Griffin, & Xander)

Xander also went with Addie and Grayson to go visit the baby cows in Nephi. Again, Xander was way more interested in the grass and completely unamused by the calf. 

And perhaps one of the best highlights of Utah was being able to meet these sweet new additions. The timing couldn't have been better for Heather to have her darling baby boy, Will. When we went to lunch earlier that week I told him he better come out or else! I also got to meet my sweet niece Juliet. She's had a rough go from day one but she's doing much better now and is quite possibly the most cuddly baby ever.

Unfortunately, or I guess fortunately depending on who you talk to, The Professor had already left for Italy before we got to Utah. We did get to see "mah mama" for a few days before she headed out to meet him though. She claims she was super sad that we didn't get to spend much time together buuuuuuut I think she got over that pretty quickly.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!